WFP Global Response to COVID-19: June 2020

Post date Wednesday, 1 July, 2020 - 13:46

The global COVID-19 crisis is threatening food security, especially in low- and middle-income countries and fragile states. The UN Secretary-General has warned of an impending global food emergency that could have lasting repercussions, as the pandemic challenges food systems, flattens the informal sector, and impacts economies – pushing millions more into extreme poverty and acute food and nutrition insecurity.  This is a global crisis that demands a global, coordinated and decisive response. 

This June 2020 update presents a snapshot of WFP’s response and additional requirements (July-December 2020) based on latest analysis, in line with asks from governments and in coordination with country-level food security and humanitarian partners. 

WFP is appealing for USD 4.9 billion across its 83 operations to mitigate and respond to the immediate consequences of COVID-19 on the most vulnerable – structured around three pillars: 

Sustain critical assistance to WFP’s 100 million
pre-COVID targeted beneficiaries through alternative means of assistance; 

Scale-up to support an additional 38 million
people on the brink of acute food insecurity due to COVID-19 compounded impacts; and 

Support governments and partners in their COVID-19 response through provision of technical assistance, tangible assets and services, and complementary support.

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