Food Security Cluster:
coordinating the food security response
in humanitarian crises.

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RT : : The extremely high levels of hunger across are entirely man-made caused by conflict. It is…
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Zimbabwe is facing a multitude of humanitarian challenges as a result of climate and economic shocks. The impact of 2018/2019 drought combined with continuing macroeconomic challenges have resulted in high-level...
Currently, 25% of the rural population are estimated to be in Crisis or Emergency (IPC Phase 3 and 4) and face moderate to large food consumption gaps or are only...
OVERVIEW OF THE CRISIS Multiple and consecutive shocks, including drought, cyclones, floods and insecurity, have left an estimated 2.5 million people* -almost 10 per cent of the country’s population- in...

30 active Clusters/Sectors

68 million People Targeted

9 billion Funding Requirements