• 17.4M People in Need
  • 14.8M People Targeted
  • 13.7M People Reached
  • $2.2B Funding Requested (USD)
  • $674.3M Funding Received (USD)
  • $1.5B Unmet funds (USD)

Response Plans: HRP.

Figures updated for: January to September 2023.

Country overview

The Food Security and Agriculture Cluster (FSAC) in Yemen, established in 2012, is co-led by WFP and FAO, and co-chaired by NRC. Yemen is currently facing a dire and precarious food security and nutrition situation whereby a total of 17 million people are considered severely food insecure. Conflict and insecurity continue to be the main drivers of the spiraling food insecurity levels in the country.  


In 2023 FSAC humanitarian partners required $ 2.2 Billion to assist 14.8 million beneficiaries facing precarious food insecurity levels. FSAC partners will provide immediate life-saving emergency food assistance to 14 million most vulnerable  and food insecure individuals. Targeting will be based on harmonized selection criteria, to meet monthly food needs through the most viable and contextually appropriate modality, including: in-kind food, cash transfers, or voucher transfers