Responding to Emergencies: The Key Role of the Clusters

Post date Monday, 17 June, 2019 - 16:07

This brochure was successfully presented during a side event “Responding to Emergencies: The Key Role of the Clusters”. Discussions at the event emphasized the commitment from member states to the clusters and their crucial role in coordinating and guiding emergency operations. Important elements raised included: the need to include all partners (incl. smaller ones), strive for increased operational preparedness capacities, the need for designing coordinated response plans, ie. beyond info sharing, etc.

As the WFP ED stated: ”Thanks to WFP’s  expertise, and because of its willingness to partnering, the WFP was mandated to lead the Logistics Cluster and the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster as well as co-lead with FAO the Food Security Cluster. Embracing this responsibility is probably the strongest affirmation of partnering for achieving collective outcomes. The mandate is a firm engagement with all humanitarian actors”.  

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