Giving a voice to rural people: 10 years of empowering rural people to drive development

Post date Thursday, 1 August, 2019 - 10:03

For 10 years now, Dimitra Clubs in sub-Saharan Africa have been empowering rural people to champion and galvanize development within their own communities.  With 3400 clubs and 102 000 members, the Dimitra Clubs are having a positive impact on an estimated 2 million rural people. 

Dimitra Clubs are voluntary, informal groups for women, men and youth who discuss common problems and determine ways to address them by acting together and using local resources. Agriculture is a common theme, but it’s not the only one; other topics include climate change, education, health, infrastructure, nutrition, peace and women’s status. Although FAO facilitates their set up and provides them with training and coaching, the clubs themselves are self-managed.

Dimitra Clubs create a space to also discuss and take action in relation with community social norms and behaviors affecting women – enabling women’s leadership and encouraging men’s engagement. Nearly all clubs own a solar-powered radio. By fostering partnerships with local radio stations, Dimitra Clubs learn from one another, broadcast their initiatives and spark dialogue in the wider community and beyond.


Photo credit: FAO/Gustave Ntaraka

Source: FAO