Food Security Component Global Humanitarian Overview 2018

Post date Friday, 9 February, 2018 - 15:59

In 2018, the humanitarian community is collectively targeting 70.1 million people globally with both lifesaving and livelihoods food security assistance. There are thirty nine consolidated response plans involving FSC partners and national governments, with an overall value of US$ 8.37 billion for the food security sector alone. In light of limited resources and competing crises, partners are implementing activities tailored contextually, and are ensuring that inter-sectoral collaboration is streamlined particularly with the Nutrition and WASH Clusters. Protracted, conict related crises in Syria, Yemen, South Sudan, Nigeria and Somalia remain as priorities, in addition to the unfolding crises of the Sahel. Food Security responses account for over 30% of the overall global appeal in 2018.

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