Food Security Sector SO2 Gap Analysis – August 2021

Post date Wednesday, 29 September, 2021 - 16:09
Month(s) covered 2021-08
Document Type Gap analysis
Content Themes Agriculture, Livestock, Livelihoods, Information Management
Sources Food Security Cluster / Sector

During August 2021, the sector partners have assisted around 1.1 million individuals with Agricultural Livelihoods Interventions in the three most affected North-East states.

Despite the scale-up efforts, there remains a gap of approximately 1.6 million people in need of Emergency Food Assistance, and 174,000 HHs (or approximately 1.2 million people) Agriculture Livelihoods Scale up during the lean season (2021), mainly due to funding gaps. The Food Security Sector requires 46.6 million USD for the rest of the Lean Season Scale-up (September 2021).

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