FSLC May 2022 response dashboard

In the month of May, cluster partners reported having reached 207,000 beneficiaries with either in-kind food distribution or cash-based transfers in both rural and urban areas. Among them,144,247 beneficiaries received cash-based support in urban and peri-urban areas. 54,163 beneficiaries received cash-based assistance in rural areas while the remaining 8,747 received in-kind food assistance in rural areas.

The assistance continues to focus on resilience-building to strengthen the livelihoods of the most vulnerable and gradually reduce the need for humanitarian assistance. 

Concurrently, agriculture and livelihood assistance reported a total of 87,000 beneficiaries in May 2022. These include 59,127 people benefiting from the provision of crop and small livestock inputs, 25, 446 with extension, training and advisory services focusing on good agriculture practices with an emphasis on climate-smart agriculture, support crop pest management, post-harvest handling, storage, and processing and improved pasture and grazing management.

Lastly, 2,921 beneficiaries received assistance in the rehabilitation of agricultural infrastructure and assets critical for animal survival and agriculture (dip tanks and animal drinking troughs) through other modalities (e.g., contracting a company).

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