FSLC food assistance gap analysis LSA

Post date Friday, 25 June, 2021 - 09:08
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Content Themes Food Assistance, Food Security
Sources Food Security Cluster / Sector

This map aims at representing the level of achievement related to food assistance response for the period Jan-Apr 2021. The selection of the period derives from two major factors: 1) data are available for all actors, and 2) the period coincides with the peak and end of the lean season response plan of major aid agencies.

The gradient of the colours shows the ratio of the achievement at district level, calculated considering all beneficiaries reached against the estimation of people in need elaborated in October 2020, and according to the following criteria:

People reached: for each agency, it was considered the maximum number of beneficiaries reported in any month. This is because food assistance is supposed to operate by monthly cycle for the same households being served every month of the programme. Both government and non-governmental agencies, including the UN, are included in this graph.

People in need: it was used the estimation of people in need from the ZimVAC rural assessment, and the WFP CARI report for the urban areas. This choice was made in order to consider all people in need who were supposed to be reached by the implementation of all programmes.

Assumptions and limitations: it was considered that no household was targeted by two different agencies in the same month. The number of people reached is directly communicated by the implemented partners. The Food Security Cluster fully relies on each agency capacity and responsibility to report the number of beneficiaries reached, and it cannot carry out field verification in this regard.

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