FSLC April 2021 response dashboard

Post date Friday, 11 June, 2021 - 15:32
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Content Themes Agriculture, Livelihoods, Food Assistance, Food Security
Sources Food Security Cluster / Sector

During the month of April 2021, FSL Cluster partners reported to have reached 1.9 million people with either in-kind food distribution, cash or vouchers modality in both rural and urban areas. Among them, 1,599,097

 beneficiaries received in-kind food assistance, while the remaining 355,851 received cash-based support in urban areas. Additionally, the Government through the Department of Social Welfare reached 2.1 million beneficiaries.

Concurrently, a total of 43,000 beneficiaries were supported with agriculture and livelihood assistance. This includes 21,194 receiving training, extension, and advisory services, 5,700 receiving horticulture seeds and other inputs/materials for household kitchen gardens (and related training, cooking demonstrations, etc.), 2,700 receiving small livestock (restocking, improved breeds), and other inputs/materials (e.g., hatcheries and related training), 1,500 receiving stock feed and forage seeds assistance.

The IPC analysis for the period Jan-Mar 2021 classifies 3.4 million people in class 3 or above for the rural area, while the HNO 2021 identifies 2.2 million people in need in Urban Area. The overall target under the HRP 2021 is 3.7 million people, assuming 5.5 million people being reached by the government food assistance programme and 1.2m by other partners.

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