FSL Cluster Dashboard, December 2020

Post date Friday, 29 January, 2021 - 10:36
Month(s) covered 2020-12
Document Type Static dashboard
Content Themes Agriculture, Cash and Vouchers, Livestock, Food Assistance, Food Security
Sources Food Security Cluster / Sector

FSL Cluster partners reached 1.54 million people with either in-kind food distribution, cash or vouchers modality in December 2020 in both rural and urban areas. Among them, 1.16 million beneficiaries received in-kind food assistance and 34,0000 cash-based assistance in rural zones, while the remaining 336,000 received cash-based support in urban areas. Concurrently, a total of 165,000 beneficiaries were supported with agriculture and livelihood assistance. This includes 75,000 individuals supported with season-sensitive emergency crops input assistance, 65,000 farmers who received extension and advisory services to manage crop pests and livestock diseases. 14,000 beneficiaries benefited from critical community assets rehabilitated while the remaining 9,000 households benefitted from small livestock assistance in rural areas.

The level of people reached during the month of December remains below the planned target figures. In fact, the HRP 2020 set a target of 4.4 million people to be assisted, and the rural IPC analysis carried out in October 2020 identified 2.6 million people being in category 3 or 4 as per IPC classification. As December falls within the lean season, the achievements reported for this month are particularly worrying.

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