FSC Dashboard February 2020

Post date Wednesday, 25 March, 2020 - 10:50
Document Type Dashboard
Content Themes Response Monitoring
Sources Food Security Cluster/Sector

In February, the FSL cluster partners assisted over 3.4 million beneficiaries with unconditional food and cash. 98% of beneficiaries received in-kind food assistance while the remaining 2% received cash and protection ratio support. Further, a total of 840,000 beneficiaries were supported with agriculture or livelihoods assistance. A total of 216,000 individuals received or were registered for crop and livestock agriculture inputs by FSL Cluster partners to support the 2020 agricultural season. The FSL Cluster partners supported 403,000 beneficiaries with extension and advisory services to manage crop pests and livestock diseases.

215, 000 beneficiaries benefitted from rehabilitated or newly built community assets for crop and livestock production.

The February IPC update indicates that food security assistance played a critical role in preventing a further deterioration of the food security situation in the country from the October to December 2019 projections. A total of 4.3 million people were classified in IPC Phase 3 and 4 while the number of districts considered in IPC 4 Phase decreased from 9 to 3 thanks to current food security assistance.

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