FSLC - HRP 2018 Planning Process_Related Documents (Needs, Criteria, Tools and Guidance)

Post date Wednesday, 25 October, 2017 - 09:27
Document Type Manual/Guideline
Content Themes Humanitarian Response Planning, Humanitarian Programme Cycle

Food Security & Livelihoods Cluster -- HRP 2018 Guidance

Please find here all the relevant documents (scroll down), which we hope will help support your project proposal (either attached here or with links).

Overall FSLC HRP Approach & Deadline:

  • BELOW: HRP Planning Meeting Power Point (which includes objectives, activities, indicator links).
  • BELOW: Timeline for FSLC HRP 2018 Process.


Deadline for submission of both Excel documents is 18:00 on Monday 30 October:

  1. the offline excel version of your project proposal (partners do not submit directly on OPS to FSLC), and  
  2. the Gender Marker excel (see below)

Please make sure you email both documents to CC and IMO ( and before 18:00. Late submissions will be rejected. 


Project Proposal OPS Offline Excel Template:

  • Please note that FSLC partners only submit proposals in the off line excel template – FSLC partners do not upload on OPS directly. Please note each organization will submit only one project proposal (which can cover more than one FSLC objective)
  • BELOW: Please note that  the updated OPS template is below. 
  • Although you are not uploading directly on OPS – for reference, here is the new OPS manual by the link
  • In case you have any questions on the OPS system (even though FSLC partners will not use the online version of OPS), please contact to Sagaydak Darya, IM Associate,, +38 050 309 5752


Food Security and Livelihoods Needs:


Project Proposal Criteria:

  • BELOW:  FSLC Evaluation Criteria – this document includes the links for the modality guidelines and the vulnerability group criteria (the latter is also on the Website). This will be used by the Cluster Review Committee to review and score all projects.
  • BELOW: HRP Prioritisation Criteria


Gender Markers (Excel Sheet to be submitted with the Project Proposal Excel):

  • Gender Markers – please see the attached the Excel sheet for the Gender & Age Marker (GAM) self-assessment. Please select the “light version”. (
  • BELOW:  Food Security GEM Tip Sheet
  • BELOW: Guidance note on gender markers in livelihoods – please note that this document is from 2016 so the scoring is not updated but the narrative could be helpful
  • For questions related to the new Gender & Age Marker, please refer to the Madhumita Sarkar, Senior GenCap Advisor, 


Other Useful Reference Documents:


Protection Mainstreaming:

Protection is the focus one of the three overall HRP Strategic Objectives (different from the three FSLC objectives) and therefore should be considered when writing proposals. To help you, please see these links for Notes prepared by Protection Cluster:

In case of any questions on Protection, depending on the aspect of protection the question relates to (Protection Cluster has 3 sub-clusters and 2 working groups, which are each led by different agencies) please see the contact details below:



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