FSL cluster Interactive Dashboard 2023

Data update: January-December 2023

The dashboard now has two languages (English and Ukrainian) and 6 pages. You can switch the language or the page in the upper right menu.

A brief overview of the dashboard pages:

  • Cluster updates can be found on the main page. Here, you can also find cluster targets, needs assessments, and humanitarian response plans for food and livelihood assistance.
  • Food Assistance Presence and Livelihood Assistance Presence pages represent the numbers of beneficiaries assisted by partners with food and livelihoods separately.
  • The Food Assistance Gap Analysis and Livelihood Assistance Gap Analysis pages represent the gaps between people reached and targeted with food and livelihood assistance based on the Humanitarian Response Plan.
  • Partners Presence Map illustrates the reporting and implementing partners' areas of activity by Oblast and Cluster Objective.

If your organization would like specific up-to-date guidance on food or livelihoods prioritization, feel free to contact the cluster team info.ukraine@fscluster.org.