2021 FSLC Partner Plans - Cluster Objective 1. Access to food

Post date Thursday, 1 April, 2021 - 10:29
Document Type Planning
Content Themes Food Assistance
Sources Food Security Cluster / Sector

This dashboard captures information based on partners’ plans as of March 2021 within Cluster Objective 1 (Ensure immediate access to food). 

The FSLC targets 53,000 people for immediate access to food—a figure generated from the partners' HRP projects. From the planning figures submitted by the partners recently, 14 organizations plan to target 43,000 people with 54% funding confirmed. The implementation modalities are in-kind (43%), cash (37%), and voucher (20%).

Based on REACH pre-winter assessment, a high proportion of households are found to have a poor and borderline Food Consumption Score in Luhansk oblast, notably higher in Luhansk large urban area (28%) and Luhansk urban area (21%), compared to overall 11% of people in poor and borderline food consumption within the sample. The FSLC is calling for early action to protect gains made in the food security of the affection population.

While our first reaction would be to provide immediate access to food, we also need to prioritize enhancing the livelihoods of the population through agriculture production, micro-economic initiatives including income generation at household level, skill development through training’ smart livelihood projects targeting isolated communities that would increase their access to basic services through a market-based approach.

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