2021 FSLC Partner Plans - Cluster Objective 2. Emergency agriculture

Post date Thursday, 1 April, 2021 - 10:28
Document Type Planning
Content Themes Agriculture
Sources Food Security Cluster / Sector

This dashboard captures information based on partners’ plans as of March 2021 within Cluster Objective 2 (Emergency agriculture support).

The partners targeted 18,000 in the HRP for CO2 however, in March the planned to assist 37K surpassing the HRP target. The bulk of response is expected in Luhanska GCA (31K) following by Donetska GCA (4K) and Donetska NGCA (1K). No emergency agricultural assistance planned in Luhanska NGCA. 12% of the financial requirement has been confirmed. 

According to REACH recent pre-winter assessment results, over 60% of the respondents in Donetsk rural, Luhansk urban and Luhansk rural areas are meeting part of their food needs through own production, and 38% in Donetsk urban and 37% in Luhansk large urban. Therefore, it is important that we support agriculture production to enable beneficiaries meet their food needs through own production.

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