Capital Kiev

The FSLC in Ukraine works to address issues related to food security, food assistance, agriculture and livestock interventions, and livelihood interventions.  

The Food Security Cluster was established on 23 December 2014 in Ukraine in order to coordinate the assistance to the most vulnerable people affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

With the launch of the 2019-2020 Multi-Year Humanitarian Response Plan, the FSL cluster continues its three-pronged strategy from last years:

1) provide immediate food assistance to the most vulnerable population to cope with daily food security needs and avoid negative coping strategies;

2) provide assistance for farming families to support their household food security needs with self-production and channelling surplus to the functional markets for income generation, and,

3) support employment and income generation of the conflict affected populations for emergency livelihoods.


The FSL Cluster will continue to engage its partners, advocating for improved coordination, information flow and rationalized targeting across crisis-affected areas. The cluster targets primarily the most vulnerable population groups amongst IDPs, returnees in safe areas, host communities and the local population affected by the conflict. The cluster will work to ensure that appropriate assistance is provided in a timely and efficient manner.