Food Security Sector Technical Working Group

Following the recommendation at the Whole of Syria Assessment Coordination meeting (in August 2015), a Technical Working Group (TWG) was established with representatives from all hubs. The current members of the TWG are food security technical experts from FAO, GOAL, IRD, NRC, RFSAN, TdH and WFP.

Representatives of this TWG developed the Food Security Sector People in Need Numbers and Severity Ranking, along with key messages regarding needs in the sector for the Humanitarian Needs Overview 2016.

Recognising the vulnerability of IDPs who are still traveling, or who have recently arrived to a new location, the TWG has developed a methodology for updating Sector People in Need figures based on population movements. This will enable Sector People in Need figures to be updated more regularly than the HNO cycle, ensuring the figures are more reflective of the situation in Syria.

The TWG is also developing a rapid assessment checklist to set guidelines to equip agencies with a common lens for assessing food security needs within a week of sudden displacement or in besieged and HTR locations.


Key documents