Cash based feasibility study advisory committee

The WoS FSS encourages partners to choose the right modality of assistance. Response figures from 2015 show that only 6-7 percent of the total response in the sector was through cash or vouchers. There is growing interest to scale up cash-based response (CBR) programming, though greater evidence on its feasibility is needed in certain parts of Syria.

The humanitarian community, NGOs and donors require further analysis of assistance delivery modalities to ensure the most appropriate, secure and accountable option is chosen for the context. The WoS FSS in collaboration with other sectors aim to further assess the feasibility of cash-based assistance modalities within Syria as well as gauging potential beneficiary interest in CBR as a means of aid.

A cash feasibility study was completed in March 2016 from North Syria and South Turkey – covering Aleppo, Idleb, Lattakia and Hassakeh. The WoS FSS is initiating a feasibility assessment in southern Syria and other locations in Syria to expand on the assessment of the north.


Key documents