FSC Core Indicator Handbook

Post date Thursday, 30 June, 2016 - 14:44
Document Type Manual/Guideline
Content Themes Programme quality, Humanitarian Programme Cycle, Response Monitoring, Strategic Response Planning
Sources Food Security Cluster / Sector, REACH

The Food Security Cluster Core Indicator Handbook was produced through the cluster’s Programme Quality Working Group as part of an overall effort to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the cluster activities. The indicators included here were developed as part of coordinated efforts by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee’s Needs Assessment Task Force in 2013, which sought to compile an online registry of key indicators for all IASC clusters and sectors, available via the Humanitarian Response website. The latest version of the handbook was published in June 2016.

By facilitating the collection, management and dissemination of key data through better use of indicators, the guidelines support the Food Security Cluster to identify sector-level priorities and monitor the cluster’s progress against them.

The Food Security Cluster Core Indicator Handbook provides guidance on the selection and use of each indicator, during the various phases of the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC). Based on wide consultation with global and country level clusters, these guidelines include an explanation of the way in which the indicators can and should be operationalized, including guidance on reporting purposes, data collection methodology and calculation instructions.

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