Food Security Cluster Indicators (Final document)

Post date Thursday, 5 June, 2014 - 15:23
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These food security indicators have been developed as a guide for national clusters and partners. The indicators were developed through a consultative process for over a year with partners, country coordinators and Information Management Officers, and can be adapated and revised as needed. 

Disaggregation of data  will be especially helpful for determining which groups are most at risk and affected by a crisis.  As appropriate each indicator should be disaggregated by sex (girls and boys/women and men), age, beneficiary category, pregnant, people living with HIVs, disabled, traders, market actors, producers, activity, food assistance (fortified blended foods, ready to use foods, special nutritional products), non-food item, agricultural item, urban/rural areas, head of household (female headed HHD, child headed HHD [under 18], disabled headed HHD, elderly headed HHD [over 60]), religious, ethnic or political identities, community and household.  The effectiveness of different indicators by different disaggregation can change with location and time; the factors by which data can be stratified should be selected on the basis of the situation analysis.

The updated list of indicators can be found at the OCHA Indicator Registry or downloaded from this page.

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