Food Assistance Monitoring Tools: Onsite, Post distribution and Market tools

Post date Wednesday, 30 September, 2015 - 16:40
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Content Themes Programme quality, Response Monitoring, Food Assistance, global Food Security Cluster
Sources World Vision

This document presents different monitoring tools appropriate for food assistance programs, including General Food Distribution, Food for Assets, School Feeding and Cash transfers. To fulfil the minimum commitments for participation in the cluster, the partners have agreed to mainstream protection in programme delivery including respect for principles of non-discrimination, do no harm and mainstreaming cross cutting themes including gender, age, disability and accountability. The objectives of the tools could be summarized as below;

To determine effectiveness of food assistance in relation to addressing the needs of the affected communities. The sex and age disaggregated data (SADD) through the onsite and post-distribution monitoring tools will be collected and reporting based on the stipulated frequencies.

Identify short comings during the implementation process

Identity achievements and highlight them ( Acknowledge and cerebrate success)

Enabling project implementers and managers to review progress made

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