Guidance and Resources

People-Centred Approaches & Cross-cutting Dimensions

For the global Food Security Cluster (gFSC), programme quality refers to mainstreaming cross cutting dimensions throughout the Humanitarian Programme Cycle as well as ensuring that humanitairan actors working in food security remain actively engaged in addressing cross-cutting concerns, like Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) or Gender Equality. In other words, it includes

  • ingrating agreed priority cross-cutting issues in sectoral needs assessment, analysis, planning, monitoring and response (e.g. age, diversity, environment, gender)
  • contributing to the development of appropriate strategies to address these issues
  • securing gender sensitive programming and promoting gender equality
  • securing that the needs, contributions and capacities of women and girls as well as men and boys are addressed

This section includes best practices, tools and guidance on cross-cutting dimensions, developed by IASC, FSC co-lead agencies FAO and WFP, and partners. For further information, see also gFSC Programme Quality Working Group.