IM Compendium

Intro to the IM Compendium

The Global Food Security Cluster has developed the FSC IM Compendium in order to facilitate the work of Information Management Officers (IMOs) at the country level and ensure quality outputs from the cluster/sector.

The IM Compendium includes standardised FSC IM products and consists of two sections:

1. Guidelines

2. gFSC Templates

Each section contains IM products and an accompanying guidance note with the following information:

Content: Description of IM product, including software format

Audience: Who (actors) the IM product is used or viewed by. 

Purpose of Document: Outcome of utilizing IM product. 

Dissemination: Channels IM product is shared through

Production Frequency: How often IM product should be used, produced or shared.

Information Source: Where the data/information comes from that should be input on the IM product. 

Note: When one of the above terms is not applicable to the IM product, N/A is stated.