Pacific Food Security Cluster

Pacific Food Security Cluster


The work of the regional Pacific Food Security Cluster is being guided by 5 strategic objectives, in order to support and strengthen country level response in the Pacific region.

1. Regional Coordination  & Partnerships: Provide a regional, sector-specific platform for information, exchange, strategic decision-making and research on Food Security in the Pacific, with a strong focus on enhancing preparedness, response and DRR initiatives in national-level clusters 

2. Information Management: Support the effective management, sharing and production of timely and relevant information for and between food security stakeholders in the Pacific region

3. Capacity Support & Training: Reinforce knowledge and capacity of national authorities, staff, and members in country-level clusters to lead  and design preparedness, response, and resilience actions in the food security through training and on-call, in country and remote capacity assistance

4. Assessments, Monitoring & Analysis: Build and facilitate access to comprehensive data on food security and vulnerability in the Pacific Region and foster local capacity lead and contribute to assessment and monitoring efforts

5. Research & Cross-Cutting Issues: At regional level, research, compile and provide general guidance on the integration of cross-cutting issues into food security preparedness, response and resilience initiatives