WFP Livelihoods and Resilience Building Activities Presentation September 2021

Post date Saturday, 2 October, 2021 - 12:29
Month(s) covered 2021-09
Document Type Presentation
Content Themes Resilience, Agriculture, Livelihoods
Sources WFP



Changing Lives – Livelihoods and Resilience Building Activities!

qThe vision is to transform vulnerable communities in NE Nigeria into productive, food-secure communities employing sustainable livelihoods which are sensitive to the environment and are resilient to the current and future shocks.qThe broad aim is to support early recovery, rebuild livelihoods and enhance resilience to shocks for households affected by the crises in Northeast Nigeria. Priority is accorded to vulnerable households from IDPs in host communities, returnees and host communities envisioned to transition beneficiaries under GFD, using some triggers, from dependency on food assistance towards more productive, self-reliant, and eventually resilient households and communities- through Food Assistance for Assets

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