Presentation on Strategic Resilience Assessment (STRESS) - Building Resilience in Borno State, North East Nigeria (23 April 2019) - Mercy Corps

Post date Wednesday, 24 April, 2019 - 13:24
Document Type Report, Assessment Report
Content Themes Accountability to Affected Populations, Resilience, Preparedness, Livelihoods, Food Security
Sources Mercy Corps

This presentation on Strategic Resilience Assessment (STRESS) was made by Mercy Corps on 23 April 2019 during the Borno Food Security Sector meeting in Maiduguri.

This resilience research from Northeast Nigeria highlights the profound effect of over 9 years of protracted conflict, as well as the causes of fragility driving the humanitarian crisis. This Strategic Resilience Assessment (STRESS) is unique as the first-ever application of our resilience framework in a complex emergency setting. Consultations with over 1,500 people in 12 Local Government Areas (LGAs) across Borno demonstrate the role of social capital, freedom of movement and information, and access to markets as some of the most critical capacities for managing through a high-stakes risk environment.  Amidst continued insecurity and newly emerging conflict dynamics, the study calls for a different approach in Northeast Nigeria--one that puts a premium on market-driven humanitarian assistance, comprehensive peacebuilding and strategic programmatic layering.

Please see both the Full Report and the Executive Summary here:

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