Presentation: Poultry Development for Resettlement (PDR) in Borno State - Mercy Corps (21 March 2019)

Post date Thursday, 11 April, 2019 - 14:39
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Sources Mercy Corps

Goal: To revitalize poultry livelihoods and markets in Nigeria’s Borno State

The program benefits the population of Borno State in three key ways:

- Revitalizing the poultry market through the introduction of affordable, hybrid chickens.

- Providing vulnerable households with the means to engage in a safe income generating activity (poultry rearing).

- Providing households with access to a nutritious source of protein in the form of chicken and eggs, and thereby improve their nutritional status.

Program Target

PDR program targets 1,600 vulnerable returnee households with a priority focus on female-headed households as well as Associations, groups, individuals, and/or small business poultry farmers selected to be Mother Units.

Program Overview

The program will set up Mother Units producing hybrid chickens and provide vulnerable households with the means to acquire chickens for egg-laying and further poultry rearing.

To assist with the set-up and training of Mother Units, Mercy Corps partnered with AMO Farm who were tasked with providing the drugs (vaccines) and feed needed for the Mother Units to rear the day-old chicks.

Upon the chicks reaching 5 weeks, they will be transferred to Small Holder Poultry Farmers using a voucher modality.

The households will then rear the chickens to a size where they can be used for egg-laying or meat (for internal household consumption or for sale).

Cost share formation of VSLA at least 2 per community.

Throughout the program, Mercy Corps will explore ways to include the livestock extension services of Borno State, as well as to find creative ways of collaborating with other market actors to scale up the intervention and ensure its sustainability.


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