National Emergency Management Agency 2018 Floods – Situation Report No 4 NEOC Date: 09 October 2018

Post date Wednesday, 10 October, 2018 - 12:54
Document Type Report, Situation Report
Content Themes Emergency Response, Nutrition, Food Security, Floods, Coordination


As of 09 October, 103 Local Government Areas (LGAs)  across 10 States have been impacted by severe flooding,  with an estimated 1,921,026 people affected so far. Out  of these, 561,442 people have been internally displaced  and  351,236  are  in  need  of  immediate  humanitarian  assistance. The death toll stands at 199 people since late  August with 1,306 injuries reported.            Areas located along the Niger and Benue rivers have been  the most affected by flooding. Recent assessment visits  to Kebbi State confirms that  riparian LGAs  located  along   the  banks  of  the  Niger river  have  suffered  severe   inundation. Meanwhile, the situation has deteriorated in  the southernmost coastal areas, especially Bayelsa state  where  some  of  the  major  rivers  pass  through.  Some  517,694 persons are estimated to have been affected by  flooding  in  Bayelsa  State  alone,  with  several  communities, schools, houses and hospitals submerged in  water.  The  Bayelsa  State  Governor  has  ordered  the  closure of all schools in the state for safety reasons, and  emergency  evacuations  for  affected  communities  are  ongoing. NEMA has installed tents in some communities,  and  additional  homes  for  displaced  persons  are  being  identified in sports complex, schools and nursing homes.  NEMA is already providing relief material but there is the  need  for  more  especially  food  items  as  farming  communities  have  seen  their  farmlands  and  crops  destroyed by the flooding.               Despite slightly falling water levels at Lokoja measuring  point, uncertainty remains as floodwaters will likely take  time  to  recede,  and  with  continuous  pressing  humanitarian  needs  in  terms  of  shelter  for  displaced  people,  food  and  non‐food  items,  as  well  as  prevention/control of major health risks such as cholera  and malaria. 

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