Monguno, Borno State Nigeria Land Access Survey Report - February 2020

Post date Wednesday, 3 June, 2020 - 12:44
Document Type Survey Report
Content Themes Protection, Resilience, Agriculture, Livelihoods, Food Assistance, Food Security
Sources ACF

This land access survey was conducted with 1357 respondents in Monguno LGA, where findings revealed that the majority of the respondents were male and they all show their interest in farming this coming season.

Some of the respondents also reported that they carried out their farming activities last season and according to most of the responses, the distance to the farmland and Monguno town fall within the range of 2-4 kilometers away on average.

The finding also revealed that some of the respondents have alternative land to use for their farming activities.

Report  indicated  that 1333  farmers have access to their farm lands with 20% and 44% having their lands along Kukawa and Marte axis respectively.

Also, 48% (649) out of the supported farmers said they have alternative land even if security situation impaired them fromaccessing their original land

27% of the interviewed farmers indicated that their land is 5km away from Monguno town while 31% farmers who has alternative land indicated that the lands are 5km away from Monguno town

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