FSS Interactive map on Partner Intervention plan: Sept - Dec 2018

Post date Friday, 14 September, 2018 - 15:06
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Content Themes Agriculture, Food Assistance, Food Security
Sources Food Security Cluster / Sector

Getting started

Step 1. Extract the ZIP file

The tool does not require installation. Once you have downloaded the partner intervention planning tool, the ZIP file just needs to be extracted onto your computer. The easiest way to extract the ZIP file is to copy it to the desired location, for example the desktop or the Documents folder. Once it is in the desired location, right-click the downloaded ZIP file and select “Extract All”. If you are using a Mac, the procedure is right-click -> Open With -> Archive Utility.

  • Important: Do not copy the software into the Program Files folder, because the software can be prevented from writing files in this folder.

Step 2. Run the file nga_fss_PartnerIntervetionPlans_Sept_Dec2018.exe

Please refer to the FSS Interactive map manual 

ZIP - 5.55 MB
Download nga_fss_partnerinterventionpanningtool_sep_dec2018_usermanual.pdf
PDF - 1.14 MB