Food Security Sector Nigeria Factsheet – August 2018

Post date Wednesday, 12 September, 2018 - 13:22
Document Type Fact Sheet
Content Themes Resilience, Emergency Response, Agriculture, Early Recovery, Food Assistance, Food Security, Food Security Cluster, Coordination, Information Management
Sources Food Security Cluster / Sector

The Nigeria Food Security Sector (FSS) is chaired by the National Programme on Food Security (NPFS) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development at federal level, and at state level, chaired by the Ministryof AgricultureandNaturalResources.It isco-chairedjointlyby the WorldFoodProgrammeandFoodandAgricultureOrganization.

The FSSpartners workcloselyand meetin Borno(fortnightly),Adamawa (monthly), Yobe (monthly) and Abuja (monthly) to coordinate food and agricultural livelihood assistance to populations deemed food insecure as determinedbytheCadreHarmonise.
As of July 2018, the Food Security Sector has more than 61 partners active in the Food Security Sector (46% NNGOs, 13% government bodies, 34% INGOs, 7% UN agencies), including the President's Committee on the Northeast Initiative (PCNI), the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), the State Emergency Management Agency(SEMA),AgriculturalDevelopmentPrograms(ADP)of Adamawa, Borno,andYobeStates,andNationalBureauofStatistics.


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