Food Security Sector Cash Dashboard - October 2022

Post date Friday, 2 December, 2022 - 08:56
Month(s) covered 2022-10
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Content Themes Cash and Vouchers, Livestock, Livelihoods, Food Assistance, Food Security, Information Management
Sources Food Security Cluster / Sector

In October 2022, the food security sector assisted 1.7 million people with food assistance and 1million people with agriculture and livelihoods, of which 67 percent (1,129,879) and 15 percent (153,252) respectively received support, through cash voucher assistance (CVA). A total of 31 organizations, national, and international non-governmental organizations, and UN agencies used various delivery mechanisms such as cash payments, mobile money transfers, paper vouchers, and electronic vouchers.

Borno state hosts 91 percent of the CVA beneficiaries, with Yobe state hosting 7 percent and Adamawa state 2 percent.

Partners implementing emergency food assistance through CVA continue including the provision of additional 2,000 Naira to beneficiaries for safe access to fuel and energy as part of the food basket.

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