Displacement Overviews - Marte and Monguno LGA

Post date Monday, 9 April, 2018 - 10:02
Document Type Assessment Report
Content Themes Needs Assessment
Sources REACH


The town of Monguno, in the Monguno Local Government Area (LGA) in northeastern Borno State, has long been a hub for IDPs, estimated by the International Organisation for Migration Displacement Tracking Matrix (IOM DTM) to house 124,000 IDPs as of February 2018.2 Since the start of 2018, Monguno has seen an upsurge in arrivals, with the IOM DTM reporting that 3,646 IDPs had arrived since 27 December 20173 from Nganzai LGA and surrounding villages in Monguno, further contributing to the already high humanitarian needs in the town. Many areas around Monguno, particularly Marte LGA and the islands in Lake Chad, are considered inaccessible to the humanitarian community due to conflict between the Nigerian government and Armed Opposition Groups (AOGs), and only limited information is available on the populations living in these areas. As a result, humanitarian actors have faced challenges in anticipating and preparing for new IDP arrivals.

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