Borno State Food Security Sector Strategy 2024-2026


The Borno State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Nigeria, Food and Agriculture
Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Food Programme (WFP), International and National Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs and NNGOs), donors and stakeholders as part of the Food Security Sector (FSS) sought to engage the services of a Consultant to support the review and updating of the Borno State food security strategy, with a focus on both emergency food assistance, and agricultural livelihoods in Borno state, one of the BAY states in North-Eastern Nigeria and covering the period 2024-2026.

The need to update the existing FSS Strategy was a result of sustained relatively high levels of food insecurity amidst an evolving context since 2018. Some of the new dynamics that emerged include the high inflation rates and resultant high food commodity prices, flooding (notably in 2022), changing conflict situation and resultant cropland change, COVID-19 impacts, returns & relocations amidst resource constraints and chronic access challenges in some Local Government Areas (LGAs). The changes in context have happened amidst other pre-conflict challenges such as erratic & extreme weather patterns, infrastructural challenges and chronic poverty. Further, there are also emerging opportunities that could be exploited for the benefit of the target groups, including relative increased access to agricultural land in some locations, increased community demands for access to self-reliant opportunities as well as returns and relocations that have since brought new changes and dynamics to the context. It is anticipated that the needs assessment will deepen understanding of the current situation of the various affected groups and individuals in Borno state. Consequently, the assessment focused on their risks, vulnerabilities, capacities and opportunities and existing structures (govt/private level), policies, and institutions to inform a fit-for-purpose and more efficient and sustainable food security response, providing durable solutions that are premised on the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus.

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