Capital Abuja

The food security situation in Northeast Nigeria has drastically deteriorated. Findings from the March 2021 Cadre Harmonize (CH) analysis project that 4.4 million people will be food insecure across BAY States facing crisis or emergency (CH Phase 3 or 4) in the peak of the lean season of 2021. These figures are similar to levels seen in 2016/17, which was the peak of the crisis in the NE.

The number of people projected in the Emergency Phase 4 (immediate stage before famine) in the lean season of 2021 has increased to about 774,416, which is about 84% and 16% increase compared 2019 and 2020 peak respectively.

The marked deterioration in the food security situation is linked to the upsurge of insecurity as evident in renewed armed conflict between the government and Non-State Armed Groups (NSAGs), which has led to a new wave of displacements, COVID-19 related challenges, limited access to markets, farming and grazing land which are essential for livelihood opportunities. This situation has stretched remaining accessible communal resources, due to increased dependency from IDPs and returnees.”