global Food Security Cluster E-Learning: Enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of Food Security Cluster Coordination

Post date Thursday, 18 January, 2018 - 15:56

The course is aimed at providing basic knowledge about the role and functions of the Food Security Cluster, both at global and national level. It is also aimed at building basic Cluster Coordination competencies and providing tools for efficient Food Security Cluster Coordination.

The course consists of 11 lessons, organized in two units. Lessons last approximately 45 to 80 minutes each.

Unit 1 The Food Security Cluster and the Humanitarian Programme Cycle

  • Lesson 1.1 Humanitarian Coordination and Cluster Approach
  • Lesson 1.2 Humanitarian Programme Cycle
  • Lesson 1.3 The Global Food Security Cluster – Background and Objectives
  • Lesson 1.4 The FSC at country level: Principles, roles, functions

Unit 2 The Food Security Cluster's core functions

  • Lesson 2.1 Supporting Service Delivery
  • Lesson 2.2 Informing Common Strategic Decision-Making
  • Lesson 2.3 Planning and strategy development
  • Lesson 2.4 Monitoring and reporting
  • Lesson 2.5 Support robust advocacy
  • Lesson 2.6 Contingency planning, preparedness and capacity-building
  • Lesson 2.7 Accountability to affected populations, centrality of protection, gender and age, and PSEA

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