Insights on Northwest Syria - Issue 7

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Key Achievements of the FSL Cluster Partners

  • 53 partners implemented SO1, SO2 and SO3 activities in northwest Syria (NWS) in January 2021.
  • In January 2021, FSL partners delivered food assistance to the People in Need (PIN), based on the results of Consolidated Approach to Reporting Indicators of Food Security (CARI) 2021, by the following percentage of beneficiaries reached out in 40 sub-districts in NWS: 
    • 6 sub-districts reached above 100% PIN,
    • 4 sub-districts from 100% to 76% PIN,
    • 9 sub-districts from 75% to 51% PIN,
    • 6 sub-districts from 50% to 26% PIN, and 
    • 15 sub-districts were covered by less than 25% PIN.
  • In total, 1.83M beneficiaries were assisted through the distribution of 362K regular food assistance either through food baskets, cash, or vouchers for food.
    • Nearly 64K households (HHs) received a total amount of 3,840,000 USD as vouchers for food (the value is about 60 USD per HH), while 8,778 HHs received 526,680 USD as cash for food. 
  • 2.35M beneficiaries were reached by bread and flour distributions.
  • 252K beneficiaries received Emergency Food Assistance.
  • 120K beneficiaries were supported by programs on agriculture, livestock, irrigation and livelihoods assistance over 1 month in January 2021.
  • In March 2021, in addition to the regular monthly meetings (3 Area Coordination Groups, Agriculture TWG, Livestock TWG, Bread and Bakery CG, FSL Cluster Monthly Meeting) FSL Cluster conducted online meetings with the partners and the ERL Cluster on agriculture & livelihoods activities, the Turkish Red Crescent (TRC) and attended in Inter Cluster Coordination Group (ICCG) led by OCHA. 
  • The FSL Cluster participated in the "Resilience of Agricultural Value Chains in Syria: Opportunities and Challenges” side event under Brussels V Conference.