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Information Note - Russia Ukraine Impact

Post date Thursday, 17 March, 2022 - 14:32
Month(s) covered 2022-03
Document Type Advocacy Note
Content Themes Livelihoods
Sources Cash Working Group, Food Security Sector

With the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, several spillover effects are having and will have an impact on the humanitarian situations in different contexts of intervention.

The CWG, Early Recovery and Food Security and Livelihoods Clusters have prepared the attached informative note on some of the implications of the referred conflict on the already fragile context of Northwest Syria (NWS).

Among these, the supply of products such as wheat, oil seeds, fertilizers, fuel and gas is already struggling to meet the demand of NWS partners and people, as Ukraine and Russia are the main providers to partners based in Turkey, which in turn extensively serve the NWS markets. Such trend is already reflected in the increase of prices for most commodities, which is ringing the hyperinflation alarm in most markets of NWS.

The note also points to possible projected impacts and some contingency measures recommended by the authors to be further explored and discussed.

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