Agriculture Working Group

The purpose of the global Food Security Cluster (gFSC) Agriculture WG (AWG) is to ensure a platform for members to discuss about agriculture response in humanitarian crisis, advocate for agriculture needs in major crisis, share technical guidelines to   improve the quality and timeliness of Agriculture responses and produce ad hoc document that might be required from the   Food Security Clusters/Sectors (coordinators and members) and their technical WGs at field level.  

The Agriculture Working Group focuses on two core objectives: 

  1. To Undertake knowledge management, dissemination and advocacy activities and promote best practice, learning and innovation in agricultural responses 
  2. To provide agricultural technical support to FSC members and Coordinators in the field  and to all Food Security cluster stakeholders for the enhancement of their in-country core coordination functions  

Focal point: Davide Rossi -


Jan Morrow (USAID)

Plee, Ludovic (FAO)