Voices From the Field - Northwest Syria

Voices From the Field: Northwest Syria is a series of stories from beneficiaries of food security projects in the region. They offer a glimpse into how some of the most at-risk people are trying to make ends meet, and how FSLC partners are helping them do so.

With some 60 active implementing partners, the Food Security and Livelihoods Cluster (FSLC) South Turkey Hub coordinates support for the most vulnerable and internally displaced people (IDPs) in northwest Syria. These operations are made possible through the Syria-Turkey cross-border agreement under UN Resolution 2533, enabling NGOs to reach 3.3 million people in need of food and livelihoods assistance. Of these, some 1.7 million are IDPs living in camps, the vast majority of whom are women and children. 

Despite grinding hardship, repeated climate shocks and rampant insecurity, agriculture is still the prevailing means of earning a living for most in northwest Syria. For IDPs in particular, FSLC projects like home-grown gardens provide key support and a path towards self-reliance, giving beneficiaries the chance to put their farming skills to use and creating resilient communities. 

While regular food basket distributions by FSL Cluster partners provide crucial immediate assistance for vulnerable people, through longer-term resilience programmes and with sustained support, millions of families will hopefully be able to get back on their feet and provide for themselves again. 

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