For the global Food Security Cluster (gFSC), programme quality is the process of ensuring that humanitarian response integrates standards, indicators and cross cutting issues throughout the project cycle to ensure that the services provided have the ultimate goal of (an) increased (positive) impact for all vulnerable human beings within the affected populations.

The working group presently focuses on three core themes in the context of current emergencies and protracted crises: 

(1) assessment and response analysis, 

(2) monitoring and evaluation; 

(3) programme quality issues, including people centric issues, Accountability to Affected Populations, Innovation and Technology as well as other relevant cross-cutting issues. Under core theme 3, a specific task force on Innovation and Technology has been established as part of the PQWG, building on the work previously done by the Technology and Innovation Working Group, in order to ensure a strong focus on such topics.

Core theme 1: Assessment and Response Analysis for Sudden Onset and Protracted Crises

Promote access to and understanding of available tools and best practices for assessment and response analysis in the areas of food security, vulnerability and livelihoods, and modify and improve on the core set of food security indicators for use in humanitarian response.

Core theme 2: Monitoring and Evaluation

Promote best practices and share guidance and tools on monitoring and evaluation of food security activities.

Core theme 3: Programme Quality

Promote best practices and lessons learned from programme implementation in order to increase programme quality through learning and adaptation. This core theme will focus on various cross-cutting issues, such as Accountability to Affected Populations, Innovation and Technology, in order to mainstream the best approaches and practices into partners’ programme cycle and the Humanitarian Programme Cycle.

For more information on Programme Quality & Cross Cutting Issues visit the Guidance & Resources Section of the FSC Webpage 


GST focal point: Davide Rossi

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