gFSC and gNC Event - Promoting an Integrated Famine Prevention Package: Breaking Bottlenecks

Dates Wednesday, 26 April, 2017 - 09:00

Review of Inter-Cluster Operational Responses in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Nigeria and the Development of an Integrated Famine Prevention Response Package

The global Food Security Cluster and Nutrition Clusters co-organized an event on the four countries at risk of famine: North East Nigeria, Yemen, South Sudan and Somalia. The event took place in the World Food Programme, HQ Rome on 26 April 2017.
The objectives of the meeting were to: review of current collective nutrition and food security responses and identify gaps; establish the parameters for an integrated food security and nutrition response; agree on an appropriate integrated famine prevention response package; and complete plans for scaling up responses across the four respective countries through the Food Security, Nutrition, Health and WASH clusters.

The meeting involved seventy participants from twenty-four NGOs (both international and national); UN agencies and the ICRC (list attached).

Pictures of the event are available hereĀ 

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