Food Security Cluster Global Partners Meeting, WFP HQ, Italy, November 2022

Dates Monday, 7 November, 2022 - 10:00 to Wednesday, 9 November, 2022 - 12:00
Event venue WFP Headquarters Rome, Italy


The Food Security Cluster Global Partners Meeting will be held in Rome, on November 7-8-9 2022. The meeting will start at 09:30 on Monday Nov. 7 and end at 12:00 on Wednesday Nov. 9. (Rome time). 

All sessions - both plenary and group discussions - will be available online for participants to join remotely.

Kindly see below the key highlights of the event. A detailed agenda will follow shortly.

  • First day of the event will focus on the achievements of the 2022 response, highlighting the state of food insecurity new record highs, the inadequacy of the allocated resources and the current failure to address the unprecedented level of needs.
  • The second day will be an invitation to reflect on lessons learnt and performance of the Food Security Cluster  in order to outline 2023-25 new set of priorities and strategic stance of the cluster. The afternoon will also be dedicated to the Food Security Cluster Working Groups and provide an opportunity for all participants to join and actively contribute.
  • The last day (morning only) of the meeting will leave the floor to the launch of SEADS (Standards for supporting agricultural livelihoods in emergencies) and the Global Network Against Food Crisis to present their initiatives and results. 


Event report and presentations visit this page

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