YEMEN: 3.9 million people likely to experience high levels of acute food insecurity

Despite reported improvements in the current period of January and May 2023, Yemen remains one of the most food insecure countries in the world. In the current period, 3.2 million people are in IPC Phase 3 or above (Crisis or Emergency). The situation is expected to worsen between June and December 2023 where the number of people in IPC Phase 3 or above is forecasted to increase by 20 percent (638,500 additional people), reaching 3.9 million (41 percent of the population). Of these, about 2.8 million people are estimated to be in IPC Phase 3 and 1.1 million people in IPC Phase 4. This IPC analysis covers 118 districts and areas under the control of the Government of Yemen, for which new food security and nutrition evidence was available. In total, 117 of the 118 districts will be in IPC Phase 3 or above (16 districts in IPC Phase 4 and 101 districts in IPC Phase 3).

Nearly 456,00 children under the age of five in Yemen will likely suffer from acute malnutrition over the course of 2023 and will need treatment. Of these, over 97,000 children are likely severely malnourished. All 16 analysis zones are classified in IPC AMN Phase 3 (Serious) and above.

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