FAO Tonga Response

The Government of Tonga requested FAO's technical expertise to develop the impact of the volcanic eruption and tsunami on the country's overall damages and losses to the agricultural and aquacultural economies.  FAO also worked with local NGO MORDI (Mainstreaming of Rural Development Innovations) Tonga Trust to conduct a thorough household disaster impact assessment to better understand how families are experiencing the compounding effects of the volcanic eruption, the tsunami, the lockdown caused by COVID-19, and other climate events. After surveying over 800 households of the most affected communities, FAO will continue supporting long-term recovery efforts.  

Initial reports of the Fisheries Damage and Loss Assessment estimate that the Tonga fisheries and aquaculture sectors have suffered USD 7.4 million (TOP 17.3 million) in damages and losses.  The household disaster impact assessment has garnered a better understanding of how households are experiencing the drought.  Further information from the assessments is forthcoming.


FAO has also supported the rehabilitation of land affected by the volcanic eruption by ploughing and tilling the soil to turn the ash into the earth.  With implementing partner MORDI Tonga Trust, FAO has hired local tractor owners to rehabilitate over 3 km2 across 122 rural communities, benefiting 7 300 households and 39 300 people.  FAO is also procuring agriculture, fisheries, and livestock inputs to deliver to the government to support an additional 2 600 households with the financial support of USAID and GEF.