Minutes of Abuja Food Security Sector Meeting 1st June 2023


1.  Welcome, Opening Remarks and Round of introductions for new attendees (5 min)

2. Review of Previous Meeting Minutes (5 min)

3. Farwell remarks for Mr Shalangwa (the Borno State FSS Chair)

4. BAY states Planting Season Preparedness based on NiMet Climate Forecast - FAO (25 mins)

5. Lean Season Scale-Up Updates (25 mins) – By FSS

       7. Sector Updates (5 min)

                - FSS task forces and Operational Sector Updates

       7. Partner updates (5 min)

                - Government stakeholders (MoA, NEDC, NEMA, SEMA, MRRR, NCFRMI, etc.)

                - Others

       8. AOB (5min)


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