Ismet, co-coordinator, FSS earthquake emergency response, Türkiye

Standing up for your community, despite your own loss and your fear.

“As I am sleeping on the morning of February 6, I suddenly feel my bed being violently tossed across the room and smashed into the walls. This is not a first. I was there in 1999. This is an earthquake and appears to be quite a massive one.
I must not move, I cannot do anything but wait, like everyone else. A deep feeling of helplessness. Fear.

It eventually stops. So, I rush down the stairs and join my neighbors. Thankfully, our neighborhood suffered no significant damage or loss. We call our families. We want to make sure everyone is safe and try to understand by word of mouth for now how serious the situation actually is. [...]

“Once the immediate shock fades, the community quickly mobilizes to provide first aid and organize rescue operations."

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