Overview of the 2024 Seasonal Climate Prediction in Borno, Adamawa, Yobe (BAY) States - NiMet

 Onset Dates of Rainy season – Normal to long-term average

- 2nd March at the coastal zone and southern region

- North Central states are likely to have onset in late May

- Extreme  Northern states were predicted to have onset from June- July  

Cessation date of rainy season – Normal to long-term average

- Earliest cessation is anticipated to be ending September  in the northern    fringes

- Late cessation is likely to occur between 16th-25th December over most of the coastal region  

Length of Growing Season 

 - 85 days from the extreme north to 283 days in the south south

Rainfall amount  

- it’s expected to vary from 420m in the northern fringes to 3250mm in the    extreme southern region


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