gFSC Partners meeting, November 2022

Report to come.

You can watch all recording here:

Day 1

  • Session1: Overview of Global Food Security Crises & highlights of the response
  • Session 2: Voices from the field: achievements and bottlenecks of the food security response in protracted and emerging crises (Burkina Faso, Lebnon and DRC)
  • Session 3: “The State of the Humanitarian System, 2022 edition”: Presentation of the ALNAP Report
  • Session 4: 10 years on from the worst famine, the Horn of Africa is again lingering in emergency and catastrophe conditions. What lessons has global community learnt?
  • Session 5: Collective consensus on essential actions forward required to provide a comprehensive and coordinated response

Day 2

  • Session 6: Highlights of the role and achievements of the Strategic Advisory Group (SAG)
  • Session 7: Review of the 2020-22 Global Food Security Cluster Strategic Plan
  • Session 8, Part I: Outlining priorities and getting consensus on the required coordinated interventions to integrate into the 2023-25 Strategic Plan
  • Session 8, Part II: Report to plenary: each group will present the results of the discussion
  • Session 8, Part III: Defining the 2023-25 Global Food Security Cluster Strategic Plan
  • Session 9: Updates of the Technical Working Groups

Day 3

  • Session 10: Technical Working Groups report back to plenary: highlights and actions forward
  • Session 11: Launch of SEADS handbook: standards for supporting agricultural livelihoods in emergencies
  • Session 12: Achievements and initiatives of the Global Network Against Food Crisis
  • Conclusion and closing remarks: Highlights of achievements, key takeaways and priority actions forward

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